4 advantages of choosing gemard machinery
Focus on machinery equipment manufacturing one-stop service
Gemard machinery is a manufacturer of mechanical equipment integrating research and development, production, sales and service
Specialized in frame welding, large CNC processing, panel processing, large ganmen CNC processing, machinery parts processing, template processing, steel plate, fangtong, aluminum plate, materials and so on, the products with excellent quality and thoughtful services, won the trust and praise of customers.
Excellent quality and high quality products
Relying on its own resource advantage and excellent technical team, gemard machinery keeps developing new equipment, making full use of automation technology to produce "stable, accurate, fast" automation equipment, realizing that customers can process and produce high-precision quality products, so as to improve production efficiency and save production costs for customers.
Efficient, tailor-made suitable products
Gemma DE machinery uphold science and technology innovation and development business philosophy, in addition to providing good quality of complete sets of equipment, also focus on technical quality service, can according to customer's production requirements, material freely characteristics, professional to provide process design and logistics solutions.
Quality after-sales, so you worry-free
From the installation and debugging of machines to the maintenance, the company's professional after-sales service team provides customers with high-quality services. The sales staff will arrive at the customer's factory at the first time, find out the reasons to solve the problems and reduce the unnecessary loss of customers.
Gemard precision machinery - about us
A set of research and development, production, sales, services as one of the mechanical equipment manufacturers
Dongguan jimade machinery co. LTD
Gemma DE precision machinery co., LTD., dongguan city, the frame welding, large CNC machining, panels, large gantry CNC processing, machinery parts processing, template processing, steel, rectangular tube, aluminum plate, materials and other products specializing in the production and processing company, the company has Taiwan large machining equipment, large CNC machining, the panel processing, large gantry CNC processing, machinery parts processing, template processing and other advanced processing equipment. It has a complete and scientific quality management system. Dongguan jimad precision machinery co., LTD. Integrity, strength and product quality have been recognized by the industry. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit, guide and negotiate business ……
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